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Advertising Your MLM? Think Out Of The Box To Get Noticed

February 12, 2010 · View Comments

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A lot of new network marketers these days study and use the same “tips and tricks” of getting noticed in the flood of advertisements in media today.This can be a mistake when taken to extremes — how are you supposed to get noticed when everyone else is using the same “tips and tricks” as you?

It’s important to start thinking out of the box as your customer list grows bigger, because once your business becomes popular, the competition stiffens. You’ll need to find new ways for your business to get noticed, otherwise it’s going to hit a plateau, held back by the domination of your competition.

How do you think out of the box in advertising? There are a lot of ways, but the first thing you should think about is how most people in your niche do their marketing — and then find ways to market your own products/services in an entirely different way from theirs.

Bill Glazer, President of the Glazer-Kennedy company, loves what he calls “outrageous” advertising. He tells us of one marketing salvo when he wrote — on yellow pad paper with his own handwriting — five pages of sales copy, complete with margin notes, scratch-outs, and illustrations. He then went on to send it to all his customers via snail mail.

Now you’d think no one would read a handwritten letter anymore these days, but think about it — we’re so used to receiving e-mailed offers. What comes to mind when we receive something written by hand? Exactly — “Whoa, this must be important!”

Needless to say, Bill’s campaign was a huge success. At 2002’s Retail Advertising Conference, it even won the Multimedia RAC Award. But perhaps more importantly, it earned Bill a lot of money. Today, he still connects with his customers in funny, outrageous, effective ways.

What comes to YOUR mind when you think out of the box? Good luck!

~Zac The Tipper


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