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Copywriting for dad? A Few Useful Phrases To Improve Your Skills

March 9, 2010 · View Comments

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Writing effective sales copy is one of the pillar tasks in putting up a good network marketing business. If you write your own sales copy, here are a few useful phrases that can spice things up and convert more readers into buyers.

#1 – “The answer may shock you.” This line works best when it comes after a question. It’s instantly intriguing, and it encourages lots of click-throughs. A good example — “Does cholesterol really cause heart disease? The answer may shock you.”

#2 – “Act now before it’s too late.” This line drives home the point that your special offer won’t last forever, and that it’s only going to be around for a short time. Good variations of this line include the following: “Grab your copy before someone else does!” “Get it before it’s gone for good!” and “Don’t wait — get yours now!”

#3 – “But wait — there’s more!” Not only does this line sweeten the deal as your reader goes through your copy, but it also makes the entire copy feel smoother and more whole. Used correctly, it can leave a great impression when the reader reaches the opt-in form — enough to close a sale.

#4 – “As incredible as it may sound…” This line instantly makes your copy more believable, especially when your offer sounds too good to be true. These days, readers tend to stay away from such offers — and inserting this line in well-chosen places in your copy dissipates the doubt and encourages the reader to read to the end.

These are just a few good phrases that have proven useful for more than a few successful copywriters out there. Try them out in your own sales copy, and you’ll build your conversion rates quickly and easily. Sweeten the deal just a little, and your readers just might feel compelled to sign up.

~Zac The Tipper

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  • angelafrance

    Thanx I might Start Using this!! Totally Rocking!!

  • HI There Angela, Thanks for your nice comment!
    Im glad you find some value in my blog. I look forward to sharing ideas on home business with you.
    Please let me know if you have any ideas by submitting an article from my home page.
    Cheers Zac Jex

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