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Expose Your Home Business & MLM Though VIDEO – Get Ranking!

March 3, 2010 · View Comments

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They say a picture paints a thousand words (although on the Internet, I’d say most pictures paint 100 words, 200 tops), and it’s true that people relate to photos better than written words alone. How can you use this fact to your Home Business or MLM business’s advantage? Here’s how!

I’d like to start with an analogy. Have you tried online dating services? (Be honest!) You probably noticed that the better your profile photo is, the more responses you get from potential dating partners. And it’s true —

Profiles with good photos do get viewed 10 times more than profiles without.

When you bring your Home Business or MLM on the Internet, I’m willing to bet more than 99% of your site’s visitors won’t even think about reaching for their credit cards when your website doesn’t have any pictures of your products/services. People these days are very careful when buying online — as they should be.

So help your customers along by showing photos/slide shows of your products on the site. Make sure they look professional enough to actually generate interest —

Shoddy, dark, or blurry photos instantly make visitors think you’re taking them for a ride.

But why stop at photos? You could go the next level and create videos of your products and services. Yes, our fascination with moving images tend to stay with us, even if we haven’t watched TV in over a year….GREAT VIDEO Vs TEXT ARTICLE

For starters, you’ll need three things to shoot a video for the Internet — first, obviously you’ll need a computer. It’s possible to shoot a video with a slow computer, but it’s best to have at least a mid-range model to handle new software and file formats that come out all the time.

Secondly, you’ll need a camera. A standard webcam is okay for starters, since it shoots at relatively low resolutions — perfect for visitors with slower Internet connections. Later on, though, you’ll want a better-resolution device, such as a digital camera. A great find is the FLIP Video Camera – Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black)

Lastly, you’ll need video editing software. Nobody’s perfect, and there will be times when you’ll need to edit out certain scenes or sounds from your video. A few well-placed effects will also make your video more effective and entertaining. You don’t have to buy good video editing software — freebies like Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie for Mac is plenty.

Take these three requirements, add in a little practice and dedication, and you’re on your way to coming up with your own videos — even start your own video blog!

~Zac The Tipper


P.P.S I DON’T BITE It would be awesome if you let me know your thoughts by adding your comments below!

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  • Charlotte

    Great article Zac

  • Thanks for stopping by Charlotte - hope to see you around here again soon. ZJ

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