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Finding a Niche Market – Why You Should Not Start With The Product

February 23, 2010 · View Comments

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A lot of new Internet marketers try to enter a new niche market by finding a hot new product to sell. That’s obviously a big mistake — you should never, ever enter a niche by finding a product first. Here’s why.

Sure, ultimately every network marketer ultimately needs to sell products. But before you choose a product to sell and build an entire website around it, ask yourself — is there really a market for this product? And are the people in that market really willing to part with their money to get that product?

Unfortunately, about 95% of new network marketers make this mistake — and consequently, their marketing campaigns end up dead on the water. If you want to avoid that kind of fate for your own career in MLM, remember — there’s always a system to these things.

#1 – First, find out if there’s a market for your product. Let’s face it — some markets simply aren’t prepared to buy certain products. This first step alone should clue you in on whether venturing into which markets will be doomed to failure. Search google adwords to see how many times a product is search in a month through google: go to GOOGLE ADWORDS

#2 – Second, see if you can tap these people to come to your website or blog. You can do this in many ways — plugging in forums (try BETTER NETWORKER), article marketing (try EZINES), joining a blog network, etc. The amount of traffic you generate will give you an idea just how big your niche’s target audience is.

#3 – But a big audience doesn’t necessarily want to buy from you — yet. You’ll still need to find out how much of your audience is willing to actually do something for you. To find out, you can see if they’re willing to sign up for special reports, newsletters, and such. If they do, then you know your niche is really, really looking for quality products in your niche.

Only then should you find a product that will address your audience’s needs and wants! You may be surprised to realize that a smaller, but more active, audience is more willing to buy from you than a larger, lukewarmly-interested audience.

So don’t start with a product and try to convince your audience to buy it from you. You’re just being a salesman in the 50’s that way. Keep the system in mind — study the market, see if traffic can be generated, and see if you can convert visitors into subscribers/buyers.

Additional tip — if you’re only starting out and aren’t really sure about which niche market to study about first, then start with your hobbies. It’s going to be much easier that way.

~Zac The Tipper

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