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Google Buzz — Is It Worth The Jump From FaceBook or Twitter?

February 15, 2010 · View Comments

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It’s only been a week since Google Buzz made its debut. What does this mean for Facebook and Twitter, and is it worth making the jump?

Buzz is Google’s indication that it has finally figured out the social media thing. Google’s previous ventures into social media (Google Friend Connect, Orkut, etc.) weren’t really that successful, but Buzz finally got it right.

Buzz is tied directly into Gmail, which almost instantly gave it over 38 million users. It’s also instantly more usable than Facebook (especially after FB’s latest update… bleagh) and more functional than Twitter, and with its open-source nature, it’s very likely we’ll be seeing Facebook and Twitter apps for Buzz pretty soon… if there aren’t already.

Let’s face it — more and more people are discovering buzz and its amazing ease of use. Just a few days after its launch, Buzz was seeing 160,000 posts and comments in an hour — and that figure is steadily rising. It’s already bigger than Twitter!

It won’t be long before small businesses and big companies are going to take notice of the marketing potential of this new social media platform. Soon we’ll be seeing new advertising and business opportunities coming out of Buzz, and believe me when I say people will be eager to capitalize on 38 million users.

What does this mean for us in network marketing? Should we jump ship from Twitter and Facebook and embrace Buzz? Should we start devoting more of our marketing efforts using the new Buzz interface?

My answer would be yes and no. Yes, it’ll be a good idea to start devoting more of our time and effort in Buzz. No, you shouldn’t totally abandon Facebook and Twitter — while they may grab a little less time from all their users from now on, they’re still too big a part of the social media scene to just go away quietly.

Should you worry about anything in Buzz? Sure, after all it’s only a week old. One of the first problems encountered by users was a privacy issue — since it was tied with Gmail, people could immediately find out your e-mail address. Google was swift to act on this though, and has already come up with a fix. I imagine future problems will be addressed in a similar manner.

I’m pretty sure things are only going to get better with Buzz. I highly recommend you start getting familiar with this game-changing piece of social media. See GOOGLE BUZZ

~Zac The Tipper


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