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Have You Found The Right Product to Sell…If you want to make it big in MLM?

February 1, 2010 · View Comments

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MLM is a great way to make a living, since it takes the control from your painful boss back to you, where it belongs. But don’t believe people when they tell you it’s easy. MLM is all about making sales, and finding the right things to sell — especially when you’re still starting out — this can be trickier than you think.

Do People NEED Your Products?

Remember that people have to NEED your products. They won’t buy stuff they don’t need. Sure, they may buy a cool product from you, but unless they truly need it for their lifestyles, their first purchase will also be their last — and repeat sales is the best way to make your MLM business thrive.

Are Your Products Consumable?

When it comes to repeat sales, products that eventually run out (beauty products, health supplements, etc.) do infinitely better than products that don’t (pots and pans, appliances, etc.). Don’t get me wrong — while almost anything can be sold, I don’t know a better product to sell in MLM than one that periodically runs out.

Do YOU Love Your Products?

I can’t say this enough — if you don’t use and love the products you sell, then your life in MLM isn’t going to be any better than your usual corporate day job. You’ll have to love your products with such a passion that you can’t help but share them with the world.

But perhaps more importantly, you’ll need to love your customers, too. I know, it sounds cheesy. But people are much more willing to buy from a friend than from a pushy, manipulative salesman.

Do you love your products? Do you love your customers? Do you love yourself? If you don’t, no one will.

See you tomorrow,

~Zac The Tipper


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  • PS "zac tipper",

    I think that sometimes i am a MLM Bully as i find that sometimes i can be too focused. I feel i am only this way because I want others to learn what i am learning and to realise their potential, but understand that it is not the right approach. Thanks for some great insight.

    Looking forward to reading your daily posts


  • Amazing website!!! great info on multi level marketing!

  • Thanks Carmen!
    Hope to see you again soon.

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