SEO Copywriting Made Simple


Training Resources & Software Reviews

Resource Reviews – Below you’ll find a growing list of trusted resources, tools, and training courses, which have a great reputation, and come highly recommended.

Article Marketing - These articles get top rankings. If you”re serious about article marketing

Autoresponders – After trying many different solutions

Blogs – The platform of choice. It’’s free and open source!

Copywriting – A blog about copywriting that Tim reads daily for inspiration – Looking to hire the best copywriters in the biz to write a sales letter for you? Try these guys. – Submit your copywriting job here for free and get bids from new and experienced copywriters. – A multi-media copywriting course created by David Garfinkel and Tim Erway that will walk you step-by-step through creating capture pages. – One of the best home study copywriting courses ever created, period.


Perry Marshall – A MUST HAVE book for anyone even thinking about advertising with pay-per-click.

Merchant Accounts – A merchant account provider for first-time merchants or those with questionable credit histories. – This is who most all of the major players in home business and internet marketing use.  They are friendly to the internet marketing industry!

Outsourcing – create a contest for your project and get designers and coders competing for your project. You set the prize amount

Press Releases

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media & SEO 2.0 – The Ultimate Guide to Dominating Your Market Using Social Media and the NEW SEO 2.0.

SEO Networker – Two former rocket scientist, turned network marketers, present an SEO 2.0 strategy specific for networkers to generate traffic, leads and grow your downline. – Great search engine marketing guide – This is some of the best SEO training in the industry

Shopping Carts

Tracking and Testing

Google Analytics – Our tracking service of choice. Very robust

Hyper Tracker – This is a paid tracking service. I can’t say whether it’s “better” than Analytics or not, but I know many people who swear by this service.

NOTE: Tracking is essential to your success in marketing. If you haven’t seen the first free video we released yet, then you’ll want to do so now to see how we increased our leads and profitability. Split-testing is easy with both of the above tracking services.


A very important piece of software you can use to create screen capture videos. The link above will give you a 30 day fully functional trial.

The Flip
A very cheap and compact camera that we love and recommend for those just getting started with online video.

Traffic Geyser
Not cheap, but a great investment for those who want to get quick search engine rankings for videos.

Tube Mogul
Free service that submits your videos to multiple video sharing sites

Website Development – Domain name registrar that Mike Dillard uses. – A great webhost. We use them for many of our own websites. – You can quickly and easily create mini-sites and capture pages with this system. – Domain name registrar that Tim Erway uses.

Automated Prospecting, LLC. – Automated Prospecting Systems and Replicated MLM Websites – Excellent for the newbie who wants to get an all-in-one website development and marketing system.

~Zac The Tipper


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