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Sarah Palin Not A Big Fan Of Twitter?

February 23, 2010 · View Comments

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About two days ago, CBS reported that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin referred to Twitter as “that little Twittering thing.” I’m sure it wasn’t a diss on Twitter itself, but it’s another indication why the Republican Party failed miserably in the 2008 elections.

We all know that Barack Obama’s leveraged the Internet to come up with one of the greatest presidential campaigns ever seen in history. Despite Republican former presidential hopeful John McCain’s running start in the campaign trail, Obama quickly overtook McCain and won the election by a landslide.

If you all remember correctly, McCain also said that “he never really found a use for e-mail,” and that one of his aides made the audacious claim that McCain invented the BlackBerry. Mhm.

I’m pretty sure the Conservatives learned their lesson after that mishap, and even Palin now tweets as @ SarahPalinUSA. But her remark may just underscore how little she thinks about Twitter and social media in general.

The moral of the story? Don’t be like the Conservatives. You’re in MLM — you’re supposed to eat, drink, and breathe networking. You’re supposed to embrace change. You’re supposed to take risks.

In MLM, we can’t emphasize enough how important social media is to the success of your business. Remember that your business totally depends on you to keep them updated with relevant information, useful content, special offers, and great products/services. And social media is a grossly underused tool for just that.

It’s the third-largest social media network right now, but Twitter isn’t going to fly away anytime soon. Lots of people depend on Twitter to stay in touch with their friends and followers, as well as get breaking news on any topic from around the world.

Google Buzz is also on the rise. With more than 30 million people forming its base almost instantly, you can bet it’s going to take top spot from Facebook soon — especially if Facebook keeps fiddling with its interface (and its users’ nerves).

But in the meantime, setting up a Fan Page on Facebook is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your audience. Despite the annoying changes, it’s still one of the most flexible tools on the ‘Net. In addition, it puts a “human” face on the business — something an audience deeply appreciates.

Don’t diss social media as “little” — it’s got the potential to make your MLM career the next big thing!

~Zac The Tipper

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